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Men’s Style Terminology

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Variegated Stripe:
A stripe with streaks, marks, or distinguished by a variety of different colors.

Varsity Spread Collar:
A shorter version of the Windsor Spread, updated with slightly curved lines.

Fabric that has a pile, which is usually cut and brushed for a plush surface effect, offering a rich texture.

A vent is a slit in the bottom rear (tail) of a jacket. There are three vent options in a jacket: center vent, side vents, or no vent. Ken’s custom offers these vents in varying lengths, depending on the size and requirements of the customer.

A durable and tarnish-resistant overlay of gold on sterling silver.

Virgin Wool:
Wool spun for the first time. Not recycled. See “Wool”

Lengthwise threads of a woven fabric.

A fabric finish that allows the garment to resist the penetration of water. This finish is commonly found in performance garments. Ken’s carries Salence, a modern brand of water-resistant garments.

Weft or Fill:
Thread that is woven across the warp at a right angle.

A pattern of thin lines forming large squares on a background of a different color. Windowpane was a very popular pattern at the height of Savile Row style and is very common today for men’s suits, trousers, and sport coats. A raised window pane can be felt when brushing the fingers across the hand of the fabric.

Windsor Knot:
The Windsor knot, also referred to as a Full-Windsor or (misleadingly) as a Double-Windsor to distinguish it from the Half-Windsor, is a method of tying a necktie. The Windsor, compared to other methods, produces a wide, symmetrical, triangular knot. The Windsor knot is especially suited for a spread or cutaway collar that can properly accommodate a larger knot. For correct aesthetics, the tie used for a Windsor knot should be about 1.6 inches longer than a conventional tie.

Windsor Spread Collar:
A conservative spread collar, appropriate for any occasion.

Wing Tip:
A wing-tip shoe has a decorative cap, usually perforated, that covers the toe of the shoe and extends backward along the sides of the shoe from the center.

A fiber obtained from the fleece of a sheep. It is a resilient and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. A great fabric for keeping warm in the cold winter months. Ken’s sells wool socks in the fall and winter for this reason.

Worsted Wool:
A carded, combed, tightly twisted yarn that produces crisp, smooth woolens.

Treated to resist wrinkles. Although not non-iron, these treated fabrics will keep you looking polished all day long.