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The Personal Protection Plan at Ken’s

Ken’s is concerned for your safety everywhere you go, but of course the only place that we can control is inside our shop. With this in mind, Ken’s is implementing a PPP, a personal protection plan, to ensure your safety while you’re shopping with us.

Here are the commitments from our haberdashers:

  • We will take our temperatures every single morning.
  • We will be wearing masks while you shop (both with our To Go service and inside the shop).
  • We will wear heavy beautician gloves while marking any alterations.
  • We will limit the number of clients inside the shop at one time to allow for a safe social distance.
  • We will each use our own personal measuring tape, rather than sharing them.
  • We will be “steaming” on items tried on over the course of a day.
  • We will maintain the highest standard of daily cleaning throughout the shop.
  • We will be hugging you again, but in a whole new way.


These are the measures we are taking for our clientele:

  • We will no longer be asking for receipts to be signed.
  • We will limit the time or necessity to “check out” in the traditional way at the counter.
  • We will offer gloves (if requested) while you pick up or shop.
  • We will ask for anyone trying on merchandise to wear an undershirt, which we can provide if necessary.
  • We will eventually be having events in the store, and will be calling for appointments and times to create a healthy shopping event atmosphere.
  • We will have masks for sale in case you forget to bring one with you.
  • We are shortening our hours to 11am to 4pm daily, but we are available by appointment both before and after those hours.


Ken’s only wish is to serve our clientele safely in our store while maintaining the health of our employees.

This weekend we look forward to the launch of our To Go service. With To Go at Ken’s: 

  • Service comes from our front door to your car door.
  • We can bring out merchandise to show you.
  • We can and will provide drinks as necessary.
  • In order to serve you better, you can start by calling your haberdasher and having them text, video, or FaceTime our newest spring items to you.
  • Safe and hygienic alterations will still be available.
  • Your $50 gift card is available to use for To Go services.


If you have lost or gained any weight over the course of the pandemic, please know that our tailors are available to get you comfortable again.

Stay safe, healthy, and aware. We miss you, and send our love.

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher


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