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Tencel® / Lyocell:
Tencel® is the trademarked brand name for Lyocell, a cellulose fabric that is created through an organic solvent spinning process. Lyocell has good moisture absorption and static resistance. It is also very durable and features a subtle luster.

Tessitura Monti:
Based in the north of Italy, Tessitura Monti is known for high quality 100% Egyptian cotton shirtings. In business for more than a century, Monti is proud to provide superb quality of design and production.

Textured Solid:
A solid, single-color fabric with a textured weave, creating a pattern.

Top Center Placket:
Also called a “Traditional Front,” a top center placket uses a separate piece of fabric and a fused lining to give it additional durability. See also “Placket.”

Top Stitch:
See “Quarter-Inch Top Stitch.”

Traditional Straight Collar:
A universal collar; the most versatile, easy-to-wear style.

Tread Stripe:
Stripe resembling the tread marks of a tire.

A Trilby hat is a soft felt men’s hat with a narrow, flexible brim and a deeply indented crown. Traditionally it was made from rabbit hair felt, but now it is sometimes made from other materials, such as tweed or wool. Ken’s carries a Trilby in the fall with the Bailey collection. They are similar to fedoras, but with a narrower brim. See also “Fedora.”

Trim Fit:
Also referred to as a slim cut, the body of a trim fit shirt is 5 inches narrower in the chest, tapering to 6 inches narrower at the waist. A perfect fit for those who do not need the full body cut or a contemporary fit.

Tropical-Weight Wool:
A smooth wool fabric made from two-ply yarns in an open plain weave. Lightweight and airy, this fabric is great for summer wear.

Double reverse pleats and single reverse pleats on trousers open to the pockets. Box pleats are formed by two folded edges facing away from each other.

Fabrics created by interlacing the warp and weft so that the fabric has a diagonal slant or twill line. Twill fabrics have a front and a back side, unlike plain weave, where the two sides are the same. The face side of a twill fabric is the side with the most pronounced wale, and is usually more durable, more attractive, and used as the fashion side of the fabric.

Unsolid Solid:
Solid, single-color fabric in which a pattern is created by varying the weave.