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Sport Coats, Blazers, & Jackets

Sport Coats

Ken’s enjoys bringing all styles of sport coats to our Dallas shop. Pal Zileri and Corneliani give Italian fabric, construction and quality. Ken’s Silver Label, Samuelsohn, Byron Coppley, Jack Victor and Sand offer the influence of details with contemporary and classic American fits.


A blazer is a choice of what a man says about his appearance. Ken’s offers blazer choices in classic styles with brass buttons to soft shouldered textured contemporary fits. Ken’s also brings in denim friendly blazers for spring and fall fashions.


Ken’s jackets are an expression of casual style while in denim or khaki’s. Soft and unconstructured, light weight, and easy to travel. Ken’s Silver Label, LBM, and Ibizaeach fulfill the need for a soft jacket.
Ken’s Man’s Shop carries the following Sport Coats, Blazers, & Jackets brands.

  • Byron
  • Coppley
  • Jack Victor
  • Ken’s
  • Samuelsohn
  • LBM
  • NN07

"I've found confidence to be the difference between success and failure in business. I'm most confident when I know I'm dressed well. That's why I rely on Ken's for my clothing. They are my competitive advantage." —Adam, Dallas, TX