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#’s count on clothing:
The higher the number, the finer the threads; the finer the threads, the silkier the fabric

100’s Two-Ply Broadcloth (fine):
A premium shirting fabric made with two-ply threads (two individual threads are twisted together) which make it durable, soft, and lustrous.

140’s Broadcloth (very fine):
A very luxurious yarn, the higher thread count and resulting closeness of weave gives it a superior hand and remarkable luster.

200’s Two-Ply Broadcloth (extremely fine):
Woven from some of the finest cottons in the world, our 200’s Two-Ply Cotton offers an extremely silky touch and incredibly fine patterns.

¼” Top Stitch:
A more traditional tailoring feature, stitching on the collar and cuff is ¼” from the edge versus edge-stitching which is flush with the edge.

Modeling most commonly associated with denim jeans, five-pockets style puts a more casual spin on your trouser with 2 front pockets, a front coin pocket and patch rear pockets.

7 fold:
The ultimate in neckwear craft. Silk fabric is folded seven times for a more robust tie. The thickness and absence of lining makes for a well balanced tie that drapes and knots perfectly.