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Men’s Style Terminology

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Quarter Top Pockets:
Front trouser pockets starting a quarter of the way in from the side seam.

Another term for reading glasses. Ken’s sells EyeBobs, which are distinctive in color and style. These high-quality reading glasses come in a variety of shapes and colors with varying strengths (diopters).

Rhodium is a silvery-white element that does not tarnish. It is a hard metal and is a member of the platinum family. It is one of the most valuable precious metals, often used in cufflinks.

Rib Knit:
A knitted fabric characterized by lengthwise ribs, formed by wales alternating on the face and back of the cloth. Rib knits have greater elasticity in the width than in the length, and tend to fit to the body. They are durable and do not stretch out of shape after wear.

Distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband in pants. The difference of the outseam minus the inseam. In Ken’s custom the front waistband can be adjusted to lower the rise for a customer’s comfort.