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Even with it’s wan in popularity taking a hit since the dawn of the era ties still hold a fancination for a man. They are a confidence booster to an outfit, his personality, a expression of his position. When we think of our governments parties we know that the Republicans wear blue, and Democrats wear red. Ken’s
always offers on the tables a wide array of color assortments, patterns in stripes, motifs, abstracts, and solids. We also show varying widths from 7.5 cm to 8.5 cm.

Bow Ties

While a tie may be on the slight decline, the bow tie is back and strong as ever. Ken’s mainly uses the reversible bow tie from Edward Armah, but we love to custom bows from Dion and our private manufacturer for either formal or unique looks. We show varying widths in bows as well.


The fall and winter are the best time in Dallas to sport an ascot. They are made of 100% silk, and usually with a small pattern or motif. Ascots are great for all types of events: Winspear Opera House, hosting a dinner party, an art opening in the Design District, or adding an aire of sophistication to a sport coat.

Ken’s Man’s Shop carries the following Neckwear brands.

  • Brackish
  • Edward Armah
  • Eton
  • Italo Ferretti
  • Ken’s
  • Robert Jensen