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Keyhole Buttonhole:
Characterized by a round hole at the end of the slit to accommodate all types of buttons without distorting the fabric.

A process of making a fabric or garment with hand- or machine-made interlocking looped stitches, first used for making stockings. Although knitting was not a common use for making clothing until the 19th Century, they are now a comfortable, easy wardrobe staple.

A soft, smooth, resilient wool yarn from the first shearing of a sheep younger than eight months old. Fine grade wool.

The turned-back front section of a jacket or coat that connects to the collar and forms a “V” where the jacket or coat closes. See also Notch Lapel and Peak Lapel.

A material created through the tanning of the skin or hide of an animal. There are many different finishes which can be used including sued, glazing, embossing, etc.

A natural fiber produced from the stem of the flax plant. Stronger, stiffer, and more lustrous than cotton, it yields cool absorbent fabrics that wrinkle easily. An easy and ideal summertime fabric with its breathable qualities.

Jackets can be fully lined or half lined. A fully lined jacket is lined on the entire inside so no seams show. A half lined jacket is lined on the top half and sleeve, but the bottom half is not lined and the seams are taped for a clean finish. Half lined is usually done on jackets with lightweight fabric, so the lining doesn’t add weight to the jacket.

Loafers are low, step-in shoes with no shoelaces or buckles, often made of leather or suede. The loafer is a classic style with a broad flat heel. Variations would include the penny loafer and tassel loafer.

Long Staple Cotton:
Cotton whose fibers are over 1 1/8 inches long. Longer staples cottons create increased durability and hand (how pleasing the fabric feels) of the garment because they can be spun into finer threads than shorter lengths of cotton.

Luxury 140’s Cotton Broadcloth:
A very luxurious yarn, the higher thread count and resulting closeness of weave gives it a superior hand and remarkable luster.

Luxury 200’s Cotton Broadcloth:
Woven from some of the finest cottons in the world, our Luxury 200’s Two-Ply Cotton offers an extremely silky touch and incredibly fine patterns.

A trademark DuPont fiber that has incredible flexibility and recovery. Lycra® is a brand-name spandex that is usually woven with other fibers to provide ease of movement in fabrics.