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Imperial 100’s Cotton Broadcloth:
A premium shirting fabric made with two-ply threads (two individual threads twisted together) that make it durable, soft, and lustrous.

Inside Pockets:
All of Ken’s sport coats and suit jackets are constructed with four inside pockets: two breast pockets, one on each side, with a security flap on wearer’s right side pocket, one pen and one cell phone pocket on left inside. The latter is only available in one size and does not generally fit plus-sized mobile devices.

A design created by knitting colored yarns on both sides of a fabric. Intarsia designs are usually isolated forms, not repeat patterns.

Knitted with closely interlocking stitches, this fabric maintains an exceptionally-smooth hand, good drape, and provides a little extra stretch for increased comfort.

A fabric with a design woven into it. The word jacquard comes from Joseph Marie Jacquard, the nineteenth-century French inventor of the special loom on which this elaborate fabric is woven. The jacquard attachment allows for any pattern, no matter how large, small,, or intricate to be woven into a fabric.

Jersey was first made on the island on Jersey, off the English coast. Initially it was used for fishermen’s clothing; today it is commonly found in t-shirts. It is very resilient, with fine draping qualities and crease-resistance. Jersey wears and washes well.