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An intarsia knit characterized by colored diamond shapes. Argyle designs are common in sweaters and socks.

A natural, renewable resource that is, much like cotton, machine washable, strong, and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect fabric for extra-sensitive skin. Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft, similar to the softness and look of silk. It is extremely breathable and comfortable against skin. Bamboo absorbs and wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cooler and drier than synthetics or cotton. The natural antifungal agent “bamboo kun” deters bacteria and pests from the bamboo, making the use of pesticides or herbicides unnecessary.

Band Collar:
A collar that stands up straight and encircles the neck, without any turn-down collar points. These are only available on Ken’s custom shirts.

A variation of a plain weave in which two or more warp (horizontal) yarns and one or more weft (vertical) yarns are interlaced as one. These yarns are placed into the woven construction flat, and continue to run parallel to one another throughout. Resembles a miniature braided basket.

Bedford Cord:
A rugged fabric with pronounced ridges. Originally meant for wool trousers, now found in cotton. Mainly used during the fall season.

Bengal Stripe:
A wider color stripe that alternates with a narrower white stripe.

Besom Pocket:
A set-in pocket cut into the garment with access through a welted slit-type opening. Found on shirts and trousers.

Anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the tastes or usage of an individual purchaser. Synonyms are “custom-made,” “made to order,” and “made to measure.”

The bias direction of the fabric is diagonally across the grain. While a true bias is cut at a 45-degree angle to the fabric’s warp (horizontal) and weft (vertical) threads, a bias cut can also refer to any cut that does not flow exactly with the length or width of a fabric. A bias cut also provides for greater stretch or give in the fabric.

A natural process that finishes pure wool fabric without chemical components. Environmentally-friendly, high-performance fabrics. Creates a soft and durable garment.

Bird’s Eye:
A weave that is comprised of small, repetitive diamond shapes resembling a bird’s eye. Usually found on blazers, trousers, and socks. This classic fabric also lends subtle texture to fine dress shirts and suitings.

A type of jacket. Although it resembles a suit jacket, it is a more casual coat. The classic version has brass buttons. A more contemporary version might have horn or gray polish corazo buttons. A blazer can have varying degrees of texture and shoulder structure.

Boxer Shorts:
A man’s undergarment, often made in cotton or silk.

A metal alloy of copper and zinc.

A dense, tightly-woven fabric. It is lustrous and soft with a good texture and a smooth finish. Broadcloth tends to wear very well and is machine washable.

Business Casual Collection:
Easy, refined garments that are considered more appropriate in a casual business setting. i.e. no tie needed.

Buttondown Collar:
A collar that is secured to the shirt by small buttons on both points for both a stylish and practical look. The buttondown collar was introduced in England during the 1800s to help polo players keep their collars in place while playing. The buttondown collar is hence considered a more sporty look.