Jacket Accessories

It is the details that set us apart. Tom Landry had his hat. Jacket accessories today are what makes a man. A silk square, pocket circle, lapel flower or pin. It is the extra effort that carries the day.


Time is all we have. Why not be here, there, and elsewhere in style? Daniel Wellington thin 40mm watches to Android, to Tatteossian watches are shown.


We teach men that a scarf is not only a fall piece of fabric, but a fashion statement, a formal mix, a sportswear item, and collectable as well.

Ken’s Signature Candle: Aroma 309

Ken’s Signature Candle: Aroma 309, is now available online! This “Next of Ken” candle is everything a man wants in a candle; leather, pipe smoke, cashmere, and more. All organic soy, and locally made and poured. Plus it comes in a 1950’s whiskey glass. Burns for over 110 hours!

Ken’s Man’s Shop carries the following Accessories brands.

  • Bailey of Hollywood
  • Billy Jealousy
  • Brackish
  • Davek
  • Edward Armah
  • Eton
  • Italo Ferretti
  • Jack Mason
  • Ken’s
  • Men’s Society
  • Montale
  • Pig&Hen
  • Secrid
  • Tateossian
  • Vocier
  • Zanella