About Ken's Man's Shop

About Ken's Man's Shop

Welcome To Ken's Man's Shop

Ken’s team hand picks every vendor from the “sleeve to the accessory”. Ken’s takes pride in the quality of the clothing, and our relationship with vendors to give our clients seamless comfort. Ken’s is classic contemporary haberdashery with understated elegance, and unique details. Ken's tailors each event to fit the needs of their clients while finding unique ways to give back to the community. Ken's events hand the client the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the owners / designers while networking with its broad generational clientele. Ken's is located at Preston and Royal on the N.E. quadrant. Ken's is truly in the heart of Dallas. Ken's provides by appt. in store consulting, conference calls, email support, social media outlets, free wraps, courier, and coming to your location for closet consultation or office presentation.

The Ken's Team

About Ken

Ken Helfman, Founder, Haberdasher Emeritus

Ken still enjoys shaking hands and speaking with the loyal clients and meeting new ones a couple of days a week. His passion for the business will never tire, nor will his passion for people. Ken enjoys having the opportunity to watch his son Kory run the business, and consult on the decades of his experience.

Charity involvement
  • Wife Jerri
  • Grand Kids
  • Sir Edward (their dog)
about Kory

Kory Helfman, 2nd Generation Haberdasher, President

“When any client, new or existing, comes into Ken’s they immediately know that this our home. We work, play, laugh, and are passionate about Ken’s. Our goal is to support each other in giving the best service in today’s modern Haberdashery. We grow and maintain healthy relationships with our clientele who in turn loyally support us with referrals and exhilarating shopping experiences. The fashion may change but the consistency to our clientele remains true and steady. We strive to bring quality and elegance to our men by making sure they are classic contemporary, yet understated and unique.”

~ Kory

about Carolina

Carolina Campos, Haberdasher

Carolina began with Ken's in 2008. She has worked tirelessly in the visual arts to create the environment at Ken's. Through window displays to merchandising the shop. Carolina loves to travel, be with her family, and especially explore Dallas through a lens with her side kick, Sadie.

Charity involvement
  • Her husband and son
  • Dancing
  • Travel

John Virden, Haberdasher

John enjoys the people, relationships, and business of retail. John has been part of mens retail for over 3 decades. He has extensive experience in other industries giving him a glimpse into others business and lives. He is the comsummate gentleman and friend to many.

Charity involvement
  • Haberdashery
  • His church
  • Relationships with friends

Mark Burns

Mark Burns comes to Ken's with an extensive track record in the men's retail clothing industry, specializing in custom clothing from Samuelsohn.

About Adam

Adam Daskivich, Haberdasher

Adam brings with him an eye for design and fashion. He loves the accessories for each ensemble whether it the shoes, the pocket square, lapel pin, or tie bar. Adam also enjoys the history of men's fashion design and creates pieces to bring some into a modern world. He owned his own custom clothing company for 8 years before joining our team. Adams other interests are: 3 on 3 basketball, working out, and great conversation and laughs with some whiskey and cigars.

about siji

Siji Barrera, Senior Master Tailor

Sigi Barrera is a tailors tailor. Not only is he a master tailor and warm hearted individual, but an aspiring musician. Sigi now has two CD's to his name. They are of beautiful Mexican ballads. Sigi has been with Ken's three decades.

Charity involvement
  • MMA
  • Mariachi Singing
  • Guitar playing and singing